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Any Thickness. Any Firmness. Three Simple Ingredients


Patented Wedge + Huge Zipper- Buy Risk-Free!

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There is nothing "conventional" about this pillow. You've never felt one like it. Buckwheat hulls + Cool Gel Memory foam. Quilted bamboo cover. Its firmness-softness balance is 100% adjustable. Make it your very own Perfect Pillow!

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Complete Versatility!

The FitMe Pillow is like making a cake with three ingredients: 1) our patented, quilted, wedge-shaped bamboo cover; 2) Cool Gel Memory Foam; and 3) premium buckwheat hulls. The foam is squishy soft. The hulls firm up the foam. The more hulls, the more firm. This hybrid filling comfortably supports the full weight of your head unlike any other pillow on the market.

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A perfect fit.

Use the huge zippered opening to reach your own pillow thickness perfection. It will never go flat!

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