FitMe Pillow


The FitMe Pillow is not conventional.  Its inventor was fascinated with the idea of buckwheat hulls for pillow stuffing but found conventional buckwheat hull pillows to be terribly uncomfortable.  Plus, the hulls do not stay in place all night--they're too mobile and unstable.  His patented redesign of the old buckwheat hull pillow idea solves these problems, resulting in a unique, unconventional pillow. It may take you a bit to find your perfect combination of hulls, foam, and volume, but once you do, this will be the last pillow you ever buy.  The combination provides firm but surprisingly comfortable support!  Please take a look at our FAQ page to answer common questions.

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(1) So, what makes your pillow unique?

In essence, the FitMe Pillow combines working attributes of other pillows with over a decade of research to create a new revolutionary sleeping product. A few key differentiators of the FitMe Pillow are: (1) It's buckwheat hull and foam filling, which makes it uniquely supportive as well as cool in temperature. (2) It's customizability to fit any sleeping position. (3) It's patented case, which positions the sleeping support in a different way than any other pillow.

(2) What exactly is buckwheat anyways?

Popular in Asia, buckwheat hulls make ideal pillow stuffing. They conform to any shape, provide great support, and are full of natural tannins, which are naturally antimicrobial.  Best of all, they provide firm support and dissipate heat and moisture. Read more about the natural buckwheat hull material on our blog.

(3) Why isn't the pillow very soft?

Most pillows simply aren't sturdy enough to support the average head size of 11 pounds.  As a result, your neck ends up supporting the weight of your head all night.  The FitMe Pillow provides firm support that is surprisingly comfortable because it is so moldable.  The foam and quilted, 100% bamboo cover are comfortable enough to provide a deep night's sleep. 
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