FitMe Pillow

Our Story

Hi. I'm Bret Randall. Nearly a decade ago, I set out to solve a huge problem--chronic sleep deprivation. One of the causes was my pillow--I hated all of them. They just did not work.  Down.  Fiber fill.  Memory foam. Shredded foam. Thick. Thin. They were hot and uncomfortable.  The more I thought about it the more I saw they were either like springs and fought against me all night--or they just melted away under weight (like memory foam).  Support was an illusion.  

One day I found out about these little brown shells called Buckwheat hulls. This was an interesting pillow stuffing. The hulls "flow" like water so they meld to any shape, instantly. Yet under weight, they just hold. There isn't much "give" no matter how hard I pushed. It was natural. The hulls are shaped like little shields. There are natural air gaps. They are also kind of "woody" so I noticed they absorb and wick away moisture and heat--like cotton. Plus they're chock full of natural tannins and, as a result, are naturally antimicrobial.

There was only one problem: the buckwheat hull pillows I tried were horrible! They were extremely uncomfortable. Plus the hulls move around too well. They don't stay in place very well and would leave my head flat on my mattress.  So I set out to fix these problems with traditional bucwkeat hull pillows.  Starting 9 years ago, I created an improved buckwheat hull pillow that used a quilted shell in a box shape. Many other improvements have followed over the years, as I have sold over 30,000 pillows. I have done all of the customer support myself so I have heard feedback from thousands of people. Based on this feedback, I made many other design modifications and improvements. Now the redesign is perfect--and patented!

Over the past 9 years I have heard from hundreds of people who love this pillow--because it works! And I am anxious to share it with as many people as possible. Give it a try. I am happy to offer a full 60-night money-back guarantee. We do not see many returns but are happy to refund your money if this pillow does not work for you.

No pillow looks like it. No pillow works like it.  The FitMe Pillow's unique interlocking fill provides extra firm support right where you need it, yet it is surprisingly comfortable.  Enjoy the best sleep you've ever had--the FitMe pillow flat-out works.  I guarantee it!