FitMe Pillow

FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50)


FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50)
FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50) FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50) Comfortable, supportive pillow Comfortable, supportive pillow

Your pillow is a tool. Its job is to support the weight of your head comfortably so your neck can relax. The FitMe Pillow has a large zipper so you can get the filling just how you want it. Its wedge shape puts extra filling right under your neck. 

Based on a decade of experience and over 30,000 pillows sold, I have found that a blend of about 50/50 shredded Cool Gel Memory Foam and buckwheat hulls is the best pillow filling on the planet.  It's interlocking fill that holds its shape and easily supports the weight of your head.  Our premium Cool Gel Memory foam is cool to the touch and provides loft and squishy comfort. The hulls provide firmness and support.  The softness - firmness factor is totally adjustable.  The more hulls, the more firm the filling. For people who like a very soft pillow, just use foam.  If you want more support, add more hulls. The pre-filled FitMe Pillow comes with extra foam and extra hulls for customization.  It can be a little messy but it's worth the effort! 

  • 100% Natural Buckwheat
  • Premium Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • 100% Bamboo Cover
  • Unique Shapeable Fill = Adjustable, Comfortable, and Supporting
  • Includes Extra Hulls (6 quarts) and Foam (6 quarts) for Customization
  • Free Shipping (lower 48 states)

Purchase the double pack to receive two FitMe Pillows for a discounted price.

Customer Reviews

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FitMe Pillow

Still getting use to it, but I think it will work out. Excellent customer service. Thanks

Love the idea

I love the idea, & I'm trying to give it the two weeks, my problem is it is so hot. I've ordered bamboo pillow cases, hopefully that will make a difference.

Great pilliw

If I had all the money I have spent on pillows I would be much better off. This pillow has given my neck the support it needs while also being comfortable. I had to play with the amount of foam I used but after the third day I was a believer.

Unfortunately not for me

I can see the appeal for this unique pillow but it is not working out for me.

Absolutely Amazing!

THIS PILLOW IS AWESOME! I absolutely love the pillow and how it works. I have a CPAP and it works wonderfully with it, but even when I am not using the CPAP (because I am not perfect and "forget" to use it a lot) I will use this pillow because of how great it is. I love that I can "shape" it how I like it and that it is ALWAYS cool. My wife loves the pillow too and sometimes tries to "trade" me for one of her inferior pillows. She loves how dense and firm it is, while somehow still being soft. Absolute best pillow I've ever had!