FitMe Pillow

FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50)


FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50)
FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50) FitMe Pillow - PRE-FILLED (50/50) Comfortable, supportive pillow Comfortable, supportive pillow

Your pillow is a tool. Its job is to support the weight of your head comfortably so your neck can relax. The FitMe Pillow has a large zipper so you can get the filling just how you want it. Its wedge shape puts extra filling right under your neck. 

Based on a decade of experience and over 30,000 pillows sold, I have found that a blend of about 50/50 shredded Cool Gel Memory Foam and buckwheat hulls is the best pillow filling on the planet.  It's interlocking fill that holds its shape and easily supports the weight of your head.  Our premium Cool Gel Memory foam is cool to the touch and provides loft and squishy comfort. The hulls provide firmness and support.  The softness - firmness factor is totally adjustable.  The more hulls, the more firm the filling. For people who like a very soft pillow, just use foam.  If you want more support, add more hulls. The pre-filled FitMe Pillow comes with extra foam and extra hulls for customization.  It can be a little messy but it's worth the effort! 

  • 100% Natural Buckwheat
  • Premium Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • 100% Bamboo Cover
  • Unique Shapeable Fill = Adjustable, Comfortable, and Supporting
  • Includes Extra Hulls (6 quarts) and Foam (6 quarts) for Customization
  • Free Shipping (lower 48 states)

Purchase the double pack to receive two FitMe Pillows for a discounted price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Best pillow ! Fan since 2015. Buying 2 now

I sleep great with it. Sleep apnea dr. suggested it. I fluff it the way I like and I'm out. Heat dissipates excellent too. Swap out guts every year

Ashley Badeaux

This is a different pillow than I’m used to but it is very supportive. I’ve had to adjust the filling several times to get it just right but it helps me sleep much better than other pillows I’ve tried.

Jana Revallova
order has been not received

It appears to be still on the way.

C. Gates
Wonderful pillow

I'm a back and side sleeper, and have been on what feels like the eternal search for a good, supportive and shapeable pillow. The FitMe Pillow is shapeable with just the right amount of shredded foam fill and buckwheat hulls - I didn't need to remove or add any fill. It's very comfortable and doesn't hurt my ear when I sleep on my side, unlike a different brand's buckwheat pillow I'd tried several months ago. I'm elated that my search is over.


Since a car accident 36 years ago, I have been buying various pillows to help support my neck while sleeping. I am generally okay for a few months and then need to switch to one of the others, depending how uncomfortable my neck is that month. I move a lot during the night, so I sleep on my back as well as my sides and even my stomach. This pillow fits the bill for it all !!! I scrunch it to make the exact amount of roll under my neck while on my back, and when I switch to a side, I quickly push the filling under my face and keep my spine aligned. I can finally stop searching for the best pillow!