FitMe Pillow

Filling and Customizing Instructions

The FitMe Pillow is the most adjustable and versatile pillow on the market.  It has three basic ingredients:

1.  A patented, wedge-shaped quilted shell with a huge zipper.

2.  Buckwheat hull filling.

3.  Shredded foam filling.

Think of the FitMe Pillow like baking a cake:  The foam provides softness, loft, and cool comfort.  The hulls provide firmness and support.  The shell puts a large mass of filling right under your neck, where your body needs it the most.  It may be a little messy but finding your own perfect recipe is worth the effort!

The combination of the shredded foam and buckwheat hulls creates an interlocking filling.  Simply work with the ratio of foam to hulls until you make your own perfect pillow.

In order to have your FitMe Pillow conform exactly to your individual sleeping needs, it will need to be slightly adjusted to your preference upon delivery. The basic instructions for this would be to: keep the pillow filled 3/4 full for side sleeping, 1/2 full for back sleeping, and at a lower volume (1/4-1/2 full) for stomach sleeping. To remove filling, simply unzip pillow case and with a measuring cup slowly scoop out extra filling. Additional filling can be added if volume slightly decreases over time and a standard pillow case is highly recommended. 

For more detailed instructions and guidelines, please read the following.

  1. Filling: Your pillow ships with about 6 gallons of filling: DO NOT USE ALL OF THE PROVIDED FILLING or the pillow will be rigid. Transfer filling to or from the storage bag using an ordinary measuring cup. We recommend using ONE HALF (for back sleeping) to THREE QUARTERS (for side sleeping) to start. Then add or remove filling after trying the pillow until optimum performance is achieved. For side sleeping, more filling works best. A moderate volume works best for back sleeping. A low volume works best for stomach sleeping. As filling volume compresses over time, add more from the storage bag. A standard pillow case is highly recommended.
  2. Setting and Adjusting the Pillow: Grasp the zipper end of the pillow and shake down the filling to the thick (sleeping) edge, forming a “wedge” of hulls. Build up a high ridge of filling in the areas where support is desired, lie down, and adjust till the desired elevation is achieved. Manipulate the filling from beneath using your hands. You can scoop filling towards areas where more elevation is desired or whisk away filling from areas that are too high. Pulling filling in towards your neck and body will provide more support where it’s most beneficial. To readjust the pillow from the sleeping position, lift up your head, grasp the top of the pillow with one hand, slip the other hand beneath the pillow to support the weight, shake the hulls down to reform the sleeping “wedge,” and readjust from there.
  3. Sleep Posture: For Back Sleeping, achieving a 20 to 40 degree cervical curve is ideal for most people. Build up a high ridge of filling directly beneath the neck. After lying down, slip a hand under the pillow and whisk filling from beneath the skull and towards your neck until your head drops to the desired elevation (mattress level). This will allow the weight of your head to “float” and release tension in your neck muscles. For Side Sleeping, neck support is desirable because the weight of your head will be supported by the pillow.
  4. Comfort-Firmness Adjustment: The filling contains about 1/3 foam (by volume) for comfort and loft. For a softer pillow, add more foam. Removing foam will result in more firmness. Extra shredded foam, buckwheat hulls, and blended filling are available for purchase separately so you can fully customize your pillow’s firmness.
  5. Adjustment Period: Please allow up to two weeks to adjust to your new pillow. Proper sleep posture is a new experience for many people. Finding your perfect filling volume and firmness level are the most important factors. This is best achieved by trial and error, following the above guidelines.
  6. Cleaning: Remove the filling, store in the provided bag, and wash the pillow cover as per the care instruction label. Over an extended period of time the filling may need to be replaced (available separately).

Enjoy sleeping on your FitMe Pillow. If you have any additional questions or concerns. Please contact us at 888-750-4807 or