FitMe Pillow


Based on 3 reviews
Super comfortable and supportive

I love this pillow. I have been replacing my pillows about every 3 to 4 months because they start to sag and become flat. This pillow is wonderful to sleep on and extremely supportive. I do at times find it a tad heavy and a little noisy but I put an extra pillow case on it and now it's perfect. My two sons also sleep on the Fitme pillow and neither one of them thought they were noisy at all. Probably just me and being Ultra sensitive. I would recommend this pillow to everyone. I'm getting one for my dad.

Finally Great Suppot!

I have been using the FitMe Pillow for over a month now and I love it! It supports my head and neck better than any other pillow. The first night I realized it was too full, so I just unzipped it and put some filling in a plastic bag and now it is perfect for my head, my neck and shoulders. You should get one!

Great all around

I haven't necessarily had poor experiences with my past pillows, however, the FitMe Pillow still clearly rises above the rest. I most appreciate it's structure, which helps to alleviate the strain on my neck. Also, the casing is really soft and comfortable.