FitMe Pillow


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Best pillow I have ever used

Allows me to select the height I want and is extremely comfortable and supportive. Have used them for years.

Supportive and comfortable

The pillow confirms perfectly for best support and I bought a second one to use between my legs which keeps my knees and feet comfortable.

Perfect with CPAP

I’ve struggled to adjust to sleeping with a CPAP machine and this pillow has made a huge difference!

Great, but I wish it had a recipe for the fill.

I love the pillow after making adjustments to the fill 3 or 4 times. The pillow came prefilled so It took quite some time to get the fill correct(lots of scooping). I wish the filling came in pre measured bags and a guide to help me get the right fill for me. That would be great! Thank you for the amazing product. Best pillow ever!

Pleased with Product Availability

My husband has been using this pillow for years with his cpap machine. He doesnt like any other pillows now. The foam has started to age and break down after many years of use. Most companys would make you buy a whole new pillow....which I was going to do. To my surprise you can buy the filling by itself and refresh your pillows contents. I was so happy that I bought a pillow for myself to try.

Best pillow ! Fan since 2015. Buying 2 now

I sleep great with it. Sleep apnea dr. suggested it. I fluff it the way I like and I'm out. Heat dissipates excellent too. Swap out guts every year

This is a different pillow than I’m used to but it is very supportive. I’ve had to adjust the filling several times to get it just right but it helps me sleep much better than other pillows I’ve tried.

order has been not received

It appears to be still on the way.

Wonderful pillow

I'm a back and side sleeper, and have been on what feels like the eternal search for a good, supportive and shapeable pillow. The FitMe Pillow is shapeable with just the right amount of shredded foam fill and buckwheat hulls - I didn't need to remove or add any fill. It's very comfortable and doesn't hurt my ear when I sleep on my side, unlike a different brand's buckwheat pillow I'd tried several months ago. I'm elated that my search is over.


Since a car accident 36 years ago, I have been buying various pillows to help support my neck while sleeping. I am generally okay for a few months and then need to switch to one of the others, depending how uncomfortable my neck is that month. I move a lot during the night, so I sleep on my back as well as my sides and even my stomach. This pillow fits the bill for it all !!! I scrunch it to make the exact amount of roll under my neck while on my back, and when I switch to a side, I quickly push the filling under my face and keep my spine aligned. I can finally stop searching for the best pillow!

Love it!

By far the best pillow I’ve ever had!

Great Pillow!

I had a hard time with this pillow at first until I got smart and removed some of the fill. That's a good thing about this pillow; it is adjustable. Since then I have slept like a baby. Give it a try.

Amazing pillow!

Really helped with neck pain! I sleep in one position a lot longer. Amazing pillow! very supportive, I can contour it in any way I need. 

Game Changer

I am a very light sleeper and I also have chronic back pain. I’ve never known how important a pillow is until I got my FitMe. I have had it a week and I haven’t woke up once during the night. I’m sleeping through the night and waking up without back or neck pain. I feel refreshed each morning. It’s incredible how much a pillow makes a difference and how this pillow is changing the way I live and sleep.

Great Pillows!

I ordered this pillow a couple of years ago and wanted a second one for my husband. Had trouble finding it online but after my third search, it came up on Amazon as "unavailable". Went to the actual website and ordered it . My Husband and I both love the fact that this pillow is cool and malleable to each comfort level. Love the new memory foam as the old foam has really deteriorated. Bought extra memory foam and replenished my pillow and it makes a BIG difference. Thanks for the upgrade in quality.

They are just what I wanted to refill my pillows. Thank you

Lou's Review

The pillow is well made very well and is very customizable because of its zipper. I am enjoying using it nightly.

Slow Refund

I sent the pillows back after a few weeks because they did not work for us. It took a while to get my refund but the company honored its return policy. Thanks.

Great sleep!

This filling helps me sleep easy with my CPAP mask on. The foam helps soften it and keeps the buckwheat hulls from shifting too much.

fills in and supports the gaps

I move around a lot when I'm sleeping, and about 30% of my sleeping time is shared with an infant. I was getting tons of neck pain from accommodating baby while sleeping. This pillow moves with me and is easily squished in to place to support to my neck, upper back or any place a gap might otherwise happen.

My search is over

Because of back surgery, neck problems and being 67 years old, I have tried at least 20+ different pillows over the years. I purchased the Fit me pillow about a week ago and my search is over. It is the first time that I have firmness and softness where I need it. It comes overstuffed and you will adjust to fit yourself. I removed about 7 cups and stored it in the bag that comes with the pillow. Then it fit me perfectly. I am so excited about this pillow.

fantastic pillow

I purchased my first buckwheat pillow in 1993. I was so happy yo se your info on local tv. Wonderful product I now can make pillow firmer or softer . I like it on the firm firmness. Being a side sleeper it works so well. In closing superior pillow and great company to work with.

We keep buying more of these--great pillows!

We've been using these pillows for a long time. Bought another one for my wife and found out they changed to new foam--and it's really a great improvement. The texture is different. It's kind of squishy-soft instead of ordinary, chunky foam. I bought more foam for my old pillow, but then I decided to just buy a whole new pillow and let my kids use my old one. Decided to get this kit. Just filled up the shell with the blue foam and started adding hulls till it was the right level of firmness for me. This is the best pillow I've ever used.

Cool Gel Memory Foam

I've been using this pillow for a long time. Bought another one for my wife. They changed to new foam--and it's really a great improvement. The texture is different. It's kind of squishy-soft instead of ordinary, chunky foam. So I bought more foam for my old pillow. Just filled it with foam and started adding hulls till it was the right level of firmness for me. This is the best pillow I've ever used. Whenever I can I take it with me on the road--can't stand to use any other pillow now. Highly recommended!

FitMe Pillow

Still getting use to it, but I think it will work out. Excellent customer service. Thanks