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Everything You Need to Know About Buckwheat

Everything You Need to Know About Buckwheat

You may be asking yourself, "So...what is buckwheat anyways?" If this question has every crossed your mind since hearing about the FitMe Pillow or if you're interested in learning more about what makes the FitMe Pillow so unique, ask no further!

Buckwheat is a plant cultivated for its grain. Because its seeds are high in both protein and fiber, it is regularly consumed as an alternative to wheat. In fact, buckwheat seeds, also called "groats", are so packed with nutrients and antioxidants that they are often called "superfoods."  

FitMe Pillows are actually made out of the buckwheat hull or the hard outer shells that house the sought after buckwheat seeds. The hulls are strong and do not retain or transfer heat. Because of their ability to ease fatigue and tense muscles, they have increasingly become popular as a filling for pillows and have been used in that regard in Asia for some time. Also because of their all natural components, they make an allergy free alternative to traditional western feather or synthetic pillow fillings. 

Beyond the natural and potential health benefits of buckwheat hulls, we've found that the filler is in fact much more comfortable than any other pillow filler on the market (read the customer reviews). Each FitMe pillow is filled with a perfect blend, by volume, of about 60% buckwheat hulls and about 40% soy-based open-cell foam. Since foam is mostly air, it accounts for only about 3% of the weight compared to the hulls. This combination of filling at the perfect measured amount in our patented case makes for sleeping nirvana.

If you've watched any of our promotional videos (if you haven't, you should), then you will have learned that the average human head weighs 11 pounds (that's the weight of most bowling balls). Pillow stuffing materials--foam, fiber, feathers--don't have any structure. They're mostly air. These materials crumple under the weight of the average human head--11 pounds. 

The FitMe Pillow buckwheat hull and foam filling provides the right level of support for any head through a nights rest, whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper. 

So...what is buckwheat? Only the most incredible pillow filling known to mankind. Don't believe us? Experience it for yourself!

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